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Congratulations to Raeschelle Gavina, winner of Little Miss Philippines Canada 2023!

At just 8 years old, Raeschelle exuded confidence and grace from the very start. From her introduction to her talent with her unique costume that paid homage to her Filipino roots, she was a clear frontrunner. Raeschelle played the piano and sang for the talent portion which caught the attention of all the judges.

When named the winner, she was brought to tears. Her humility and kindness is something to be admired. We are very proud of you, Raeschelle!

To the other young ladies who competed in last weekend's pageant, you did an awesome job! Your journeys are just beginning. As part of the Pageants with a Cause, Raeschelle, alongside some of her fellow pageant princesses, will be travelling to the Philippines in January 2024 to fulfill their mission to 'Have fun, while Helping others' and 'Have an experience of a Lifetime'.

Follow Raeschelle's journey as Little Miss Philippines Canada 2023 as she embarks on a new adventure ! LIKE or visit

If you or anyone you know is interested in joining the Pageants with a Cause: Miss Philippines Canada, Miss Teen Philippines Canada, Little Miss Philippines Canada, Mrs. Philippines Canada or Little Mr. Philippines Canada - Email:


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